About Citizen Forum

What is citizen forum?

It is a group of professionals who are deeply interested to improve the living condition of voters by offering various helps to citizen. This is a social, non- profit organization and a forum created to help people in participation of democracy.


CITIZEN FORUM IS an organization born, to help citizen in the matters of their CIVIC needs. This is an organization and a force to help people in various needs mainly the democratic process.

Objectives of CITIZEN FORUM:

Make people participate in various activities of democracy and development of a constituency/ward/area. We aim to conduct various activities to support the public cause of democracy.

• Invite citizen to share their views about the developmental works their constituency.

• Create a forum for citizen to share their locality problems.

• Ensure that such problems are brought to the notice of elected representatives/government.

• Act as a bridge between government and people.

• Help citizen to participate more and more in election process.

• Educate and motivate voters in various ways to participate in poll process.

• Educate students on the importance of voting and democracy.

• Motivate youngsters in enroll in voters list and participate in polls.

• Provide comprehensive information about a constituency, its development, problems etc through a web platform meant for the purpose.

• To conduct various activities to support our aims and objectives.


We will have a citizen help section. CITIZEN FORUM will have a help centre to take the needs of the people and give them helping hand in the following needs. This will have various levels of help for the citizen. o A call centre facility to help in their needs. o Physical interaction for the people who needs help

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